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Dear Valued Customers:

Firstly; I will like to thank all our loyal customers who have been with us all these years. Where we are today, is a result of close cooperation, in UWC being able to meet our customers' needs. Time has change, customer requirement has change, people change, and UWC has changes too, changing for the better to meet the market needs and technological advancement. For all those who worked with UWC, accepting positive changes is part of our work culture. The attitude and acceptance of change for continuous growth and all round improvement, with the customers' priority topping the list.

UWC's Values:

Dedication to the Customer Each project team and individual driven by the needs of our customers. Every employee has responsibilities to focus on each customer's expectations and do what is necessary to meet or exceed the customer's expectations.
Code of Ethics - UWC and our employees are aware and consistently reminded to maintain and uphold the highest standard of conduct at all levels in our business operation that each and everyone can be proud of.
Resources Development Continuous machinery and process upgrading, learning effort for our employees and supply chain to produce product with the best value for money for our customer without sacrificing safety, and health of our employees and down through the supply chain and protecting the environment for the future generation.
Good Corporate Citizen - It is our objective to provide a desirable place of employment that is balanced and recognized as an honorable economic asset for our employees, customers, and suppliers.
Once again, I shall like to thank all customers, potential customers and employees for giving UWC Group of Companies to serve you, cross the globe. Will strive to work together for our betterment towards the future.

Warmest regards,

Yours truly,

Dato Ng Chai Eng
Managing Director